Our team has designed and put into operation a state-of-the-art hydroponic irrigation
system, which digitally doses the fertilizer distribution process with milligram accuracy, and enables
the adjustment of the irrigation water PH և EC in real-time during irrigation. The system allows the
farmer to regulate the irrigation time, intensity, and quantities of fertilizers by planning.

The system provides the necessary supply of fertilizers and microelements for growing crops
by mixing them with irrigation water, which allows the plant to receive the necessary elements for
vital activity, saves the use of fertilizers and microelements by at least 20% of other similar
equipment, and at least 50% compared to traditional agriculture.

An automatic greenhouse climate control system has been designed and put into operation,
through which the farmer can control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, both from
the greenhouse area and from any other place, via the Internet.

An automatic mechanism for ventilation windows of the greenhouse has been designed and
put into operation, which replaces the traditional mechanical ventilation windows of the
greenhouses. It is connected to the cooling and climate control system, and autonomously ventilates
the greenhouse area based on the climate regime previously entered by the farmer.

A new greenhouse heating system has been developed. The system is a natural gas air
heater that directly heats the indoor air. Combustion takes place in a closed chamber, the air
necessary for combustion is supplied from outside, and the carbon monoxide gases formed during
combustion are emitted outside the greenhouse. The air heater is equipped with a built-in electronic
system that allows the sensor to control the operation of the air heater through the climate control
system, which in turn allows you to maintain the temperature in the greenhouse as accurately as
possible. Gas savings are at least 30% compared to the cost of gas used by traditional hot water
boilers for greenhouses.

Our equipment is not mass-produced. They are included in the individual orders of our
customers, taking into account in advance the size of the greenhouse, the type of crops grown, etc.
The prices of our equipment are at least 50% lower compared to foreign analogs, and It is
put into operation by our customers at least 5 times faster than when ordering from abroad.

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