Agriculture of the future

Our company since 2016 is engaged in the construction of greenhouses. We have done a
lot of research, experiments and practical applications in the field of new generation greenhouses:
vertical agriculture, hydroponics, aeroponics.
Defining our activities more as technical, we cooperate with organizations specializing in
biology, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, as well as dozens of
greenhouse farmers.
Believing that vertical farming, like hydroponic and aeroponic farming, has great potential
for future development in urban centers, we try to make greenhouse farming more comfortable and
efficient for farmers by introducing the latest technologies.
Vertical farming, which includes elements of hydroponics and aeroponics, is important for
the future. These state-of-the-art technologies for growing crops make it possible to produce
sustainable, more environmentally friendly food year-round using fewer areas. The advantages of
vertical farming are various:
1․ It enables the production of agricultural products in abandoned urban areas, thus
allowing large areas of land to return to their original state of the natural landscape, restoring the
functions of the ecosystem.
2․ It allows farmers to get 3-10 times more harvest in one area than they would in the same
area if they traditionally cultivate crops.

3. Allows using 90% less water than in traditional agriculture.
4․ Provides a new role for agrochemistry (to develop chemically defined microelements for
each plant and doses of fertilizers), as a result of which the use of fertilizers is reduced by at least
60% compared to traditional agriculture.
5․ Eliminates the need for large-scale use of pesticides and etc.
Our work is carried out according to a pre-designed plan (architectural, engineering,
construction, and agronomic), taking into account the requirements of the customer.
Our staff is constantly replenished with young, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employees.

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